Cash management

Syndicated loan


Syndicated loan business includes the direct syndicated loan business and the structured syndicated loan business.

The direct syndicated loan business refers to the business involving domestic and foreign currency loans or credit lines offered by the Bank, other banks or non bank financial institutions with qualification of loan business to a single borrower through the agency bank based on the same loan conditions and one loan agreement within the specified time and at the specified proportion.

The structured syndicated loan business refers to the loan business of dividing the syndicated loans into many layers with the direct syndicated loan as basis and according to the actual situation and requirements of the syndicate members through the method of layer division and gradually credit increase. Loans of different layers have different loan terms and interest rates. The structured syndicated loan is a kind of multi-structure and multi-layer syndicated loan and shows the value of term structure of interest rate and increased credit of guarantee. It can meet the different demands of different loan subjects.