Personal mobile bank

Characteristic service

Characteristic service

1. Open the mobile banking to enjoy “0” transaction charge for transferring and payment

If the mobile bank is opened, the transaction charges for the inside bank transfer, interbank transfer, self-service payment and other businesses on the mobile are zero.

2. Mobile banking’s friend circle enables the new social experience

The mobile banking signing client can add friends to chat, transfer and pay through the “friend circle” to easily show the considerate care.

3. Transfer through mobile number to enjoy the convenience

If you are the mobile banking signing client and the payee also opens the mobile banking of the Bank of Zhengzhou, you can transfer through the mobile number transfer function. After successful transferring, the money will be automatically saved in the default receiving account of the payee mobile banking. The inputting is easier and the operation is more convenient.

4. Safe large amount transfer

The mobile banking increases many identification modes, such as SMS identifying code, one-time password and gesture password, to realize the safe large amount transfer, lead the new trend of transfer and protect your money.

5. Financing on your palm at any time and any place

The special financial product mall provides many financial products to fully meet your demand. It is a financial manager. You can freely finance and independently select.