Corporate Internet bank

Application flow

Application flow

1. Conditions of enterprise client to apply the Internet banking: the client can open the business settlement account in any outlet of the Bank and can open the Internet banking account which includes basic account, general account, special account and temporary account.

2. The client shall provide relevant application documents to the bank of deposit (hereinafter referred to as the accepting bank) (consult the outlet for details) and fill in relevant application form.

3. The accepting bank will review the client documents and sign the Agreement for Internet Banking Service of Enterprise Client of Bank of Zhengzhou with the client. The client shall fill in the Application Form for Internet Banking Service of Enterprise Client of Bank of Zhengzhou and the Application Form of Electronic Certificate of Internet Banking of Enterprise Client of Bank of Zhengzhou.

4. The accepting bank shall record the client information and issue the USBkey and password envelope;


Note: the client should carefully check whether the USBKey and quantity are correct and whether the password envelope is sealed.

5. Input the website of the Bank

6. Insert the USBKey to confirm whether the USBKey drive can be correctly loaded. Click “enterprise Internet banking” to enter the login interface.

7. If the enterprise Internet banking is used first time. One enterprise Internet banking user can log in the enterprise Internet banking, unseal the password envelope, input the enterprise client No. and enterprise activation code and click “activate” button to finish the initial activation.