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Brief introduction to Shangding Credit Card


Brief introduction to Shangding Credit Card

On October 23, 2014, Bank of Zhengzhou (hereinafter referred to as the Bank) issued the debit card product-Shangding Credit Card. Therefore, it became the first local corporate bank in Henan Province which obtained the qualification of issuing the credit card. As the first native credit card in Henan Province, Shangding Credit Card fully shows the historical inheritance and cultural heritage in Central Plains. The card takes the ink and wash-type quadripod of Shang Dynasty as the core pattern and combines the enterprise culture spirit of the Bank which is shouldering of great responsibilities and pursuit of excellence with the quadripod as core. Shangding Credit Card is the RMB single-currency card with the UnionPay logo. The card includes standard series card and Yuche card.

Introduction to standard series card

The standard series card includes cards at five levels, i.e. common card, gold card, standard platinum card, luxury platinum card and diamond card, and is the full standard credit card with many functions, such as consumption, preferential merchant discount, revolving credits, installment payment and cash access.

The standard series card provides many kinds of value-added services to the person who holds the standard platinum card or superior card. The services include housekeeping, cosmetology, health care, personal and property insurance, road rescue, private lawyer and golf playing. It is close to life and meets the diversified and multi-layer demands of card holder.

Introduction to Yuche card

Yuche card is a financial product jointly issued by the Bank and Henan Jinzhou Industrial Development Co., Ltd. The card issues a certain credit line to card holder. The card holder can firstly consume and then pay within the credit line and can use its credit line in a revolving way. The card settles with RMB or other specified foreign currencies and has many functions, such as credit consumption, access, account settlement, etc.