Personal Internet bank

Function column

Function column

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My account

Account query

Account balance query 


Transaction detail query


Account setting

Account management


Loss reporting service



Inside bank transfer

Inside bank transfer


Interbank transfer

Interbank transfer


Batch transfer 

Batch transfer


Interbank real-time batch transfer


Batch transfer query


Reserved transfer

Inside bank reserved transfer


Interbank reserved transfer


Reserved transfer management

 Reserved transfer maintenance

Reserved transfer execution

Transfer management 

Payee management


  Transfer result query


Internet banking interconnection

Internet banking interconnection 

Query signing

Sign other account

  Sign my account

Payment signing

  Sign other account

Sign my account

  Agreement management


Query of account of other bank


Automatic fund collection


Interbank receiving


Individual loan

Loan query

My loans


Credit line query


Owed principal and interest query


Loan making and repaying history query


Make loans

Automatic making loans


Contract effective setting


Repay loans



Overdue repayment


Priority loans



Signing the electronic contract


Activate the amount


Self-service payment

Self-service payment

Recharge payment


Payment record query


Payment book management


Entrusted withholding agreement management


Credit card business

Credit card application

Application progress query


Credit card activation


Account management

Credit card account information


Additional card management


Lost card reporting


 Financial management

Credit card repayment


Interbank repayment


Specified repayment setting


Transfer withdrawals


Staging management


Bill management

Query of issued bill


Query of unissued bill


Bill mailing mode


  Function management

Credit card password management


SMS notification setting


Credit card data modification


Online payment setting


Point management

Point mall


Account point query


Query of consumption point details


Investment and financing

Saving business

Business introduction


Time and current deposit transfer

Current deposit transferred to lump-sum deposit

  Lump-sum deposit transferred to current deposit


Deposit certificate purchase

May deposit certificate

Details query

Sign a contract/terminate a contract

Fund business

Business introduction


My fund

My concern

My position

Fund transaction

Fund purchase

Fund redemption

Fund withdrawal

Fund transfer

Dividend sharing method change

Automatic investment plan


Fund account management

Modification of fund client data

Fund account cancellation

Fund contract cancellation

  Transaction details query

Current statement query

Historic entrustment details query

Historic transaction conclusion details query

Financial business

Business introduction


Financial product

Product purchase

Product reservation

Reservation query


Transaction withdrawal

Transaction query


Contract signing management


Electronic banking

Mobile banking service

Mobile banking management


Quick payment

Agreement management


Client service

Personal information management

Risk evaluation

  Risk evaluation of financial product

  Modification of fund risk grade

Internet log banking


Username setting


Individual information change

Other information change

SMS reminding settings


Contract signing information query


Safety center

Safety certification management


Certificate management

Certificate update

Certificate download

Reserved information change


  Limit management

Transfer limit setting

Internet banking password management

 Internet banking password change


Token synchronization


Outlet reservation

Reservation number


Contract signing management

Small amount free password and free signing setting