Brief introduction to Dingrongyi direct sales banking

The Dingrongyi direct sales banking has many functions, such as online account opening, investment and financing, living payment, general payment and code scanning payment.

Online account opening: Dingrongyi E-account can realize the online account opening for free (associated with I-type account in the Bank or other banks), query, recharge, order payment, financial product purchase, payment, withdrawals and other functions.

Investment and financing: Dingrongyi E-account can realize financing at any time and any place. Available investment products of Dingrongyi direct sales banking are financial products, T+0 balance treasure product “daily interest and salary interest”, fund financial product “monthly interest”, gold product “Dingding gold” and common fund products of Bank of Zhengzhou.

Living payment: meet the payment demand of citizens, realize the online payment of water, electricity, gas and heating charges to save the trouble of handling in the outlet.

General payment: it is an Internet financial innovation product of the Bank. The payer can place the payment order online on Internet. The user can realize the online registration and real-time payment. It is characterized by automatic payment process, electronic payment statement and active push of payment information. It is applicable to administrative institutions, wholesale market management parties, property management companies, resident management committees, education or training organizations and other enterprises and privately or individually-owned business units which have such demand and have signed fund collection business agreement with the Bank.

Code scanning payment: the client can install the Dingrongyi app and scan the QR code (bar code) to realize the small amount convenient payment. Dingrongyi can realize the consumption behavior of client through scanning and being scanned through Dingrongyi app. Consumption scenes are rich and supporting marketing activities are diversified. UnionPay organizations and specially engaged commercial tenets support the Dingrongyi code scanning consumption. It conveniently and rapidly provides “7*24”h mobile internet quick payment service to clients at any time and any place.